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About Us

Tim at Ground Effects Landscaping"When the love of outdoors met a keen sense of business, a great opportunity took root in West Grey.  Two decades later, Ground Effects Landscaping has grown into an award-winning industry leader and this multi-layered company has no desire to slow down.  Business is blooming!

From its small beginnings in 1996, Future Lawn started out in owner Tim Kraemer's home.  Business grew and in 1999, Platinum Irrigation was added.  Tim's company expanded again in 2002 offering a design-build landscaping service which, today, makes up the largest portion of their work. ​

Ground Effects Landscapes had just started focusing on landscaping and outdoor projects, like smaller garden beds, when a shift in consumer demands opened up a unique opportunity.  Property owners were thinking differently about their outdoor space and began seeing more value in larger scale, substantial projects to create outdoor gathering spaces as an extension to the inside space.

​ But, expanding and growing a business doesn't just happen and sometimes it's essential to seize opportunities - and talent.  Just before getting into landscape design, Tim heard of another landscaping company that was exiting the trade.  Tim knew one of their employees had the talent, drive and skills he was looking for.  With a leap of faith and a "we can do this" attitude, the larger picture began to develop.

There were even more changes around this time for Ground Effects Landscapes.  Tim purchased bare pasture farmland in West Grey to house his equipment and offices and create the phenomenal Special Events Centre - a collection of charming, fully-equipped event and function space available for public rentals.

All of the buildings located at the Special Events Centre were constructed by some of the best Dry Stone Wallers in North America and Europe.  The walls are truly a treat for the eye, and hard to believe the haven't been here for centuries.

​ Large designs or smaller projects, every job is equally important to Tim. Most of the year-round staff are hired locally.  Tim believes in the value of hiring local and said he would love to lure more people to this area to have them call it home.

​ Ground Effects Landscapes has created a spectacular outdoor space, but when asked what his personal favourite accomplishment has been, Tim doesn't hesitate.  He is personally and professionally proud to have been involved in the Garden of Fond Memories at the hospital in Hanover and knowing that people find comfort and peace from spending time there.  Another example of how Ground Effects Landscapes quietly plays a role in shaping communities - one brick, one stone, one step at a time."

 - article from June 2018 edition of Made In Grey